4 Simple, Tasty Larry Carlton Slow Blues Licks

Larry Carlton is without a doubt one of the tastiest players on the planet. In this free blues guitar lesson you will learn four different slow blues turnarounds and licks.

  1. A soulful blues turnaround (played in C) for 12 bar blues
  2. A really simple but great slow blues lick in 12:8 time. This is played at the end first four measures, setting up the move from the I to the IV on the fifth measure. The example is played in Bb
  3.  A slow blues guitar turnaround, playing the progression I-IV-I-V, here played in Bb
  4.  A great lick for the beginning of a slow blues solo. Played in G

Larry Carlton is a studio guitarist best known for his jazz fusion guitar. He is credited on many albums from 1962 onward, including those of: Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Bobby Bland, Sammy Davis, Dolly Parton and many many others. He is on over 100 gold records and worked on many TV and movie soundtracks. Born in 1948, he is still an active musician today in 2021. Also worthy of note is his long standing membership of the Crusaders (jazz fusion) and Fourplay (smooth jazz).

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