How much should I practice per day?


In order to make real progress I suggest a minimum of 1 hour a day of undistracted, focused practice time. Of course there is no limit and the more time you can invest in your playing the quicker you will progress.


Do I need to learn music theory?


In my opinion, yes. In order to really get the most of guitar playing you really should have a good knowledge 

of harmony, scales, scale-chord relationships etc and especially how all these things relate to the guitar fingerboard.

Even if your goal is to become a songwriter and not a guitar master, knowing theory will help you immensely.


What type of guitar/gear should I use?


That really just depends on the style you want to play and your budget. Most important when learning is having a guitar that is set up well. A poorly set up guitar can make it much more difficult for you to play and cause you endless frustration. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money on high end gear when you are a beginner or intermediate player, I am happy to help my students with suggestions 

with what to get within their budget.


What if I can't make my lesson? 


I am pretty flexible with cancellations and rescheduling. As long as I have 24hr notice you will not lose credit for the lesson and we can reschedule your lesson at a later time. If I need to cancel for any reason you will always keep credit for the lesson and we will reschedule ASAP.


What if I don't have Paypal for Skype lessons?


I can also accept wire transfer for payment, however you would need to pay the wire transfer fees. 


Can you teach me my favorite songs?


Sure! Learning songs is a great way to get you playing quickly, however I feel its also important to teach you the skills so you can learn songs yourself by studying music theory and ear training as well.


Do I need to sight read music to take lessons?


No. Most of our lessons will be notated in Tablature with note duration values. To play the TAB you will need to understand how to read the note values(will teach you this)

and/or have an audio or video file that goes with it. However, if you want to learn sight reading that is certainly something we can work on.


How will I get our lesson homework?


If you are taking lessons through Skype I will setup a Dropbox folder for you and place all your lesson materials in there. For chord charts, TAB etc they will be .pdf files. I can also upload .mp3 or even short video files there. I will then send you a link you can download everything. Lesson materials will be uploaded during or soon after the lesson has finished.


What if I have a question between lessons?


You are welcome to email me between lessons and ask questions on something you may be struggling with, I wouldn't want you to go through a week stuck in the same place!

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