How to Play Funk Guitar

If you want to learn how to play funk on guitar you have landed in the right place. Rick Stickney is a specialist in funk. On this page you will find links to 15 of his lessons. They include the analysis of licks and techniques to learn how to play like the following great artists: Melvin Sparks, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Hiram Bullock, Grant Green, Eddie Hazel, Maceo Parker, and Leo Nocentelli.

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Funk Music , List of Funk Musicians

Funk Guitar Lessons

These lessons are a small sample from the archives. These instructional videos, plus others on YouTube (link in page footer), will increase your musical vocabulary in the genre with funk guitar riffs and chord progressions, and a grounding in funk guitar technique.
For those of you new to playing this genre, there is a low-cost course available, The Ultimate Funk Picking Bootcamp.
For those wanting to progress in funk, soul and blues, the membership site has courses that will take you from beginner to advanced. For those taking a membership, the mentioned Bootcamp is included membership

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Melvin Sparks Lesson | 4 Badass Licks from an Unsung Jazz-Funk Master
Johnny “Guitar” Watson Lesson | 6 Stone Cold Funky Licks
Hiram Bullock – 5 KILLER Licks
4 Funky Double Stop Organ Licks for Guitar
5 Funky Grant Green Licks
Eddie Hazel – 5 Filthy Funk Licks
5 Amazing Maceo Parker Licks for Guitar
7 Super Funky Licks You Should Be Playing
Funk Strumming Lesson-Flutter Strum-YOU NEED THIS TECHNIQUE
Side Steppin’- A Funk Rhythm Guitar MUST HAVE Technique
7 STANKY Funk & R&B Guitar Rhythms
6 Sick Funk Guitar Grooves From Leo Nocentelli of The Meters
Layering Funk Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Part 1
The Stanky Thumb | Using the Thumb in Funk Guitar Rhythm
An Absolutely Fierce Funk Guitar Groove in E


Your Instructor: Rick Stickney

Rick’s Tasty Guitar YouTube channel is known to be one of the best spots online for quality R&B / Soul, Funk and Blues guitar lessons with over 50k subscribers worldwide.

Your Instructor: Rick Stickney

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