"Sonic Postcards" is a CD of 10 original songs I released in 2010. It's quite a mixed bag of genres. Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock.....even a Dance track lol. This will give you a good idea of the styles I play and teach.


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"Departed" was inspired by a tragic premature passing of a dear friend, and his family's grief, strength and promise to him that he will always live on in their memory.

The song was produced by renowned UK producer

Luke Smith(Amy Winehouse,George Michael, Chaka Khan) and the melody sung beautifully by my wife Zoe. It was released as The Quellers in late 2015.

Here is a little demo showreel of some studio and live playing. It includes the solo portion of "Tides of Mercy" a great song by Scottish artist Billy the Mountain. Also, a short clip from my solo arrangement of Michael Jaskson's "She's Out of My Life", some live blues and funky looping stuff, and an excerpt from "Departed".

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