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Why Should I Become A Member Of Tasty Guitar?

 Lessons Powered By Soundslice

Each and every video lesson for members of Tasty Guitar is powered by Soundslice technology. Soundslice is a revolutionary advancement in guitar learning. Each Video is synced to auto scrolling TAB onscreen which means no more guessing where you are or getting lost while trying to follow along.

Video playback can be slowed down or sped up without pitch change.

TAB/Notation can be instantly transposed to any key.

Turn on Looping and practice any part of a lesson in a loop until you get it right, great for learning difficult licks or rhythms.

Toggle between wide or close up view (on full length lessons) direct from the video player, a fretboard and left handed view is also available.

Video Submission & Feedback from Rick

This is a game changer and major feature of Tasty Guitar.

One of the main problems with learning guitar on your own on a platform like YouTube or most other self guided sites is, well, you’re on your own.

I mean think about it, if you never had a teacher to check your math homework in high school would you have ever passed? Of course not!

And it’s no different with learning guitar.

In Funk, R&B and Blues styles, details matter.

It’s the little nuanced things in timing and feel which separates an ok rhythm or lick into something that really grooves.

Unless you can get feedback from an instructor how will you ever know if you are playing things right? Now you can get that essential feedback!

Members of Tasty Guitar are encouraged to upload videos of their performance of any lesson on the site on the Video Submission page.

Within 72 hrs you will get feedback/critique on your playing direct from Rick in the video comments. Think of it as having an on-call guitar instructor..…without the cost of private lessons!

The Rhythm Recipes

Comping, Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated!

Rhythm guitar playing has always been an under-appreciated skill, you could even call it a lost art these days. And the fact is there is just not a lot of quality lesson content online in Funk and R&B rhythm guitar especially.

But here at Tasty Guitar we are serious about rhythm guitar playing. After all, in most situations a guitarist will be playing rhythm 90% of the time. Tasty Guitar has even had some lessons shared by guitar legends themselves!

Steve Cropper Mention:

“Great video for guitar players from Tasty Guitar Lessons on some of the licks I’ve used over the years!” – Steve Cropper

Leo Nocentelli of The Meters:

“You’re the only one who has got it right!” – Leo Nocentelli

The “Rhythm Recipes” are step-by-step progressive courses in Funk, R&B/Soul and Blues rhythm guitar designed to take you anywhere from a novice to a gig-ready player. 

As you progress through the courses you will be challenged with “Side Dishes”. These are well-known songs or sections of songs in which you will put your newly learned skills to the test and, when ready, submit a video to get feedback from Rick.

Funk Rhythm Guitar Lessons

The Funk Rhythm Recipe

In The Funk Rhythm Recipe you will learn all the techniques necessary to play or create your own authentic funk grooves.

From the very basics of 16th note strumming, skank, muting and syncopation up to the most advanced multi layer rhythms and everything in between.

45 LESSONS (3 levels – 15 lessons each)

Only interested in funk rhythm?

R&B / Soul Rhythm Guitar Lesson

The R&B/Soul Rhythm Recipe

The R&B/Soul Rhythm Recipe teaches you the most important techniques to master in these styles. In Part 1, we keep it old school with trips to Detroit, Memphis and Philadelphia and study the roots of these essential styles.

In Part 2, you will learn how to create tasty guitar fills using intervals and how & when to use them.


30 LESSONS (2 levels – 15 lessons each)

The Blues Rhythm Recipe

The Blues Rhythm Recipe takes us from the very basics of boogie rhythms all the way through how to play through a jazz-blues.

Along the way you will study some classic rhythms from the greats, learn to add the right feel and accents for authenticity and be able to improvise blues rhythms comfortably.

45 LESSONS (3 levels – 15 lessons each)

Only interested in blues rhythm?

Lead Guitar Lessons

At Tasty Guitar the lead lessons are all about making you a tasty, soulful player comfortable improvising authentically in the Funk, R&B and Blues styles.

That starts with having a solid foundation and neck knowledge of the most commonly used scales in these styles: minor pentatonic, major scale, and the mixolydian and dorian modes. You will learn these scales fluently and understand how and when to use them. You will also learn about mixing these sounds and seeing the guitar fingerboard less as rigid patterns and more as an available pool of notes to draw from.

But scales alone are not music. To really make them come to life you need phrasing, articulation and feel and we will go in depth in all of these areas. We will also focus heavily on learning the essential melodic devices you need to know to make your lines stand out such as using chromaticism, intervallic leaps, sequences and arpeggios.

As you learn to create your own solos you will have a huge vocabulary of stellar licks to draw from. The 50 Funky Blues Licks and 50 Filthy Funk Licks eBooks will challenge you with some of the funkiest lines ever. The “Secrets of the Masters” lessons will break down some of the best licks from the baddest legends on the planet. And the ever growing Funky Friday lick archive will give you some fresh ideas to tackle every weekend.

Music Theory

The Theory Lessons at Tasty Guitar will give you a solid foundation in the most essential fundamentals you need to know in order to fully understand the lessons on the site. You will gain a clear understanding of crucial basics such note values subdivision, the major scale and its modes, triad and 7th chord construction, diatonic harmony, chord voicings and chord-scale relationships.

You also have the ability to test your knowledge with interactive quizzes included in the Music Theory course.

Access To All eBooks

All Platinum Members Of Tasty Guitar Receive Unlimited Access To All 4 eBooks.


100's of Tasty Licks

Think of it as an all-you-can-eat lick buffet!  A stunning collection of Funk, R&B/Soul and Blues vocabulary.


Soundslice Video Player

Now for the first time, all ebook videos are embedded with the amazing Soundslice player, giving you video-synced scrolling TAB/Notation, multi-speed playback without pitch change, looping and so much more!


Backing Tracks / Performance Notes

Each ebook package includes multi-speed backing tracks, and performance notes including insights such as alternate fingerings, articulation & dynamics.

Monthly Workshops

Each month members have the opportunity to join Rick for a live workshop via Zoom. This 90 min session features a 60 min in-depth guitar lesson followed by 30 min of open Q&A.

Members are encouraged to participate and even vote on the topic we will learn in advance. It’s a super good time and also a fantastic opportunity to meet your fellow funkateers!

More Membership Perks!

  • All full-length lessons come with backing tracks and downloadable guitar pro & pdf files
  • Because practicing correctly is so important, all full-length lessons also include a recommended practice routine, an essential part of the learning process
  • 50 Professionally Produced Backing Tracks from Petti Music Studios

Common Questions from Players Just Like You!

I’m an advanced player that has been playing for a long time, what can I learn from Tasty Guitar that I don’t already know?

In a word, FEEL.

There is a reason your funk playing isn’t funky, your blues ain’t bluesy and your soul has no soul. All these styles have one thing in common, to play them authentically learning the right notes or chords is not enough…you need to learn to play them with right FEEL. At Tasty Guitar not only will you learn the scales, chords voicings, intervals and rhythms to play these styles… will learn to play with FEEL as well.

What is FEEL?

When it comes to guitar playing, feel is that elusive x-factor that makes things that you play sit in the pocket, have just the right dynamic, timing or articulation. It’s difficult to learn and even more difficult to teach. Examples of feel could be:


  • Learning to put accents in the right spots so a funk rhythm “dances”.
    Choosing to phrase notes long or staccato in your fills or leads in just the right places for authentic phrasing.
    Playing your upstrokes in blues rhythms with a slow rake instead of a strum to get more of that “Texas” swing.
  • Feel is a thing that most players learn from decades of consistent gigging and listening to music intently. It comes from playing with more experienced players telling you, “that don’t feel right, fix that”!
  • In every lesson on Tasty Guitar I try to not only explain the mechanics of the technique but how play it with feel as well.
    This comes from not only my 30 years as a teacher, but more importantly my 30 years as a professional musician.
Rick Stickney - Tasty Guitar

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