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“(Rick’s course) has really changed my practice, I find it very easy to practice every day now…I’m very happy with it and highly recommend it”!
Chris C - Platinum Member
“my playing these days has far exceeded my expectations, I’m playing stuff that I never dreamed of playing”
Justin B - Platinum Member
“It’s just been an incredible journey and I’ve made more progress in the last 10-11 months than I made in the last 10 years… try it out”!
Justin H - Platinum Member
“It is hard to find great funk lessons, but I was lucky enough to come across Tasty Rick’s stuff. Since then, I’ve been able to spend countless hours a week expanding my skill set. Beware though, because of Rick I got so good, I broke my Funk-O-Meter!!! #toostanky Zach C “
Platinum Member - Zach
“Rick saved me from guitar mediocrity! He is THE SOURCE for soul, funk, R&B, and blues. He has a gift for breaking down all the bits and details that separates the greats from all the others…”
Platinum Member - Chris D
“After several years of plodding along with local guitar teachers, finding Rick Stickney was the absolute best decision for elevating my guitar playing skills…”
Platinum Member - Reggie G
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