Skype or Zoom Guitar Lessons

With online guitar lessons (using Skype/Zoom) distance & location are no longer an obstacle in studying with a great guitar teacher! I have been teaching guitar lessons for 30 years and am so excited by the opportunities Skype has created for me to connect with students around the globe. It has been an amazing experience to be able to teach so many guitar players in so many countries!

Fast Track Your Learning 1 on 1

There is no doubt that the amount of free resources for learning the guitar online is huge. However, the absolute fastest method of learning any musical instrument is still, and will always be, one-on-one instruction with a knowledgeable, experienced instructor guiding you every step of the way.

Why Skype/Zoom Guitar Lessons?

Guitar can be a challenging instrument. And learning it solely through Youtube Videos can leave you with tons of unanswered questions and ultimately frustration. One-on-one lessons allow your instructor to give you direct feedback on your playing – something that free online lessons simply can’t provide!

Our Guitar Lessons via Skype or Zoom will almost be the same as sitting in the same room together! For lesson materials I use the powerful Soundslice interactive TAB/notation system to share lessons with you. Soundslice allows you to slow down the TAB, transpose instantly and much more. Backing tracks and video are integrated into most lessons as well. You are also encouraged to record the lessons directly from the Zoom program.

How Do Online Guitar Lessons work?

It’s easy! You just need a few basics: 1. Computer, tablet or smartphone with a webcam and stable internet connection. 2. Skype or Zoom installed on your computer/device. (Download Skype) (Download Zoom) 3. A Paypal account for secure payments.

How do we get started?

Please send me a message me via the Contact page or by email at and tell me a little bit about your playing level and goals/interests on the guitar. We can then setup a time to have a free consultation on Zoom when we can talk in more detail about how we are going to get you to where you want be with you guitar playing. Please include your time zone in the message..

What can you learn?

After we chat I will have good idea of your guitar playing goals and how to achieve them.

You can learn some or all of the following and more:

  • Rhythm Guitar( chords/strumming patterns/comping)
  • Lead Guitar (chord scale theory/improvisation/phrasing)
  • Fingerstyle Guitar (traditional methods and/or solo style)
  • Music Theory (harmony/scales/modes etc)
  • Learning Songs (How to learn songs by ear quickly)
  • Neck Knowledge (Learning the the notes on the neck)
  • Specific Style focus (Blues/R&B/Funk/etc)
  • Composition (How to write and arrange songs)


Very reasonable rates. Please contact me for the latest.


What They Say

I had 6 different teachers before. And then I found Rick, he is the only one who has all what I was searching for and more (Blues and RnB sounds also good when explained by Rick), and his true knowledge of styles and sounds really gave me the wish to play and learn. I have spent less than a year with him, but I already play differently than I used to. So what I think of Rick is that I was lucky to find him.

Olivier R.

Rick is an expert guitarist and awesome teacher. He follows your progress attentively and always pushes you out of your comfort zone. Four months ago I only knew a few open chords, and now I can switch barre chords and 7th chords smoothly with very practical music theories under my belt. Lessons with Rick are never boring and always informative. If you’re serious about learning guitar you’ve come to the right place!

Sicun C.

After watching and learning so much from Rick on Youtube, I knew he was the perfect teacher for me if I was going to get serious about my playing. 6 months later, and I have learned so much – After playing for 15 years being a self taught rock musician I wanted to move into r&b/blues & jazz I had gaps in some rudimentary knowledge that Rick quickly uncovered & filled in allowing me to progress quickly into the player I want to be.

Matt D.

I have my masters degree in music education and I have been playing the guitar for twenty years. I have been taking Skype Lessons with Rick and It is having a Tremendous and Powerful effect on my playing. Rick is a total pro and has a masterful way of teaching so that you will make immediate progress towards your goals. He is helping me to really refine my playing, and expand my understanding and applications of both fundamental and advanced techniques. If you want to get better and take your playing to the next level Then I Highly Recommend taking lessons with Rick!

Jeremiah R.

Rick is by far the best guitar teacher I’ve had the pleasure of working with. After going through three local teachers, I found Rick’s YouTube channel and was instantly inspired by this skill level and ability to break down lessons. I’m about five months in, and have learned a ton more than my combined year of lessons. Most guitar teachers want to teach you songs to keep you paying while not understanding the fundamentals, but with Rick, he teaches you the skills needed to create your own music and jam with anyone. Bottom line…I recommend taking Rick no matter what level of player you are. You will not be disappointed!

Daniel J.

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