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In this lesson we study the best practices for right hand (or left hand for lefties) technique for funk strumming. You will learn to keep a very loose strumming wrist instead of arm motion that is more typical of acoustic-style strumming. We will also take a look wrist angle of attack and how I
 hold and angle the pick for best control and tone.
Practice strumming 16th note strums on muted strings making sure you are using a loose wrist motion and correct wrist and of attack.

Practice with the metronome at 65bpm making sure you stay locked in with the time. Always tap your foot on the metronome click. Gradually increase tempo in increments of 5 bpm until you keep up at 100 -120 bpm.

Practice this a minimum of 30 min daily, longer if your timing isn’t steady. When ready submit a video for Rick’s feedback on the video submission page.