R&B / Soul Sub-Genres

Rhythm and Blues is an umbrella term for numerous other genre names. To name a few, there are Motown, Jazz Soul, Philadelphia Soul, Neo-Soul …
Wikipedia has pages for 18 genres that fit under R&B / Soul Music. Here are the two ‘parent’ pages for these sub-genres so that you can read up on any specialist musical interest that you have. ,

In the videos below you will find 15 free r&b/soul guitar tutorials of exceptionally high quality. More free lessons can also be found on the “” YouTube channel. You’ll find the link at the bottom of the page.

Soul Guitar Lessons

Rick Stickney is a rhythm and blues and soul guitar specialist. He has probably the most in depth course available on soul licks, fills, riffs and r&b guitar chord progressions available, and played in the authentic style of the original artists. (See more in his e-books and guitar membership site).

These free sample lessons include licks from Steve Cropper, Cornell Dupree and David T Walker, 3 of the most recorded guitarists in these styles. The membership site also analyzes the styles of numerous other soul guitar legends, as well as top artists from funk and blues.

Learn more about membership here.


4 Soulful R&B Guitar Fills for Minor Chords
7 Soulful Fills For Major7 Chords
Creating R&B Fills Using 6ths – A New Approach
Tasty R&B Guitar Fills in 3 Simple Steps
David T Walker Style Chord Embellishments
6 Great R&B Guitar Fills You MUST Know
Using Gospel Guitar Chords – 3 Soulful Licks and Fills
5 Cornell Dupree Licks You Should Be Playing
How To Play R&B Rhythm Guitar On a 6/8 Ballad
6 More Great R&B Guitar Fills
Let’s Stay Together – Playing Fills Around a Vocal Line
Building R&B Guitar Fills Part 1 – Seeing Chords As Intervals
10 Amazing Steve Cropper Licks & Fills, Plus Essential Rhythm Guitar Techniques
Another Common R&B/Soul Chord Progression You Must Know
Soul & Funk Chord Progression – Rhythm Guitar Chord Fragment Lesson


Your Instructor: Rick Stickney

Rick’s Tasty Guitar YouTube channel is known to be one of the best spots online for quality R&B / Soul, Funk and Blues guitar lessons with over 50k subscribers worldwide.

Your Instructor: Rick Stickney

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